Who makes up your village?

Sheep Herd

I was at a spontaneous get-together of working parents of 4 year olds last night. An interesting topic arose at our table over pizza. We started talking about our least favorite “unpaid” duties around the house and how we handled them. One woman has her family’s laundry outsourced by a company that picks up and delivers it clean and folded in 24 hours. Another (me) has a babysitter 4 nights a week during the dinner hour so she can cook and there’s another set of eyes on the kids. The third person at the table was furiously taking notes and texting her husband about the laundry idea. We jokingly suggested it be a gift to the family to help justify trying it out for the first time.

Our conversation shifted to who we actually tell about these creative ideas. The general agreement was that it still felt like a taboo subject to admit to our parent’s generation because a lot of them respond with, “I did it all”.  There are certain friends we don’t advertise it to because they are also “doing it all” and we don’t want to make them feel bad.

The three of us found a real safe space in our community of working parents who aren’t “ashamed” to admit that they hate laundry or that cooking doesn’t come naturally. We have each found a way to resolve what we agreed was a hot topic in the household and provide some sense of calm in our busy lives. Basically, we have defined our definition of a village.

What does your village look like?

What is one duty or item you could get help with that would alleviate some daily stress?



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