What if you lived to 107?

A family friend recently passed away – one day shy of her 108th birthday. She had been a significant member of our family for over 60 years having been a former neighbor of my grandparents. She lived independently in her own home in Oregon for her first 106 years. She was an amazing woman. My husband and I visited her when my first son was 3 months old and she was 104. They laughed and laughed together and luckily we got it on video. While at her home, we noticed books about other languages on her coffee table – she was still learning every day. She took an active interest in our lives and when she listened – you felt like you were the only person in the room.

My question to you: At 107 years old would you look back on your life today and know that you kept the big picture in mind?  Would you be happy with your choices and decisions?


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  • Everything you said about 107-+-year-old Lois was spot on. She was a kindergarten teacher and vitally interested in everything around her. Her sisters lived well into their nineties, so her spectacular longevitiy might have been anticipated. My own mother (your grandmother) lived to be more than 96 years old and was also excited about life every single day. I’m 76 now and would love to live to be as old as either of those remarkable women. And yes, I am trying to make my life fulfilling and interesting in every way. At 107, I’m sure I would think of things I’d done or hadn’t done that I regretted, but not many!

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