Coaching FAQs

What stands out about your coaching practice?

My executive coaching practice focuses on entrepreneurial C-Level leaders. My career coaching practice focuses on working women in organizations who want to learn, grow and discover what makes them thrive in their daily lives.

What do you like most about your coaching practice?

I get to partner with strong, capable, creative, and resourceful people who I learn from each day. There is so much power in a coaching relationship when someone is determined to increase their potential.

What do clients want to know?

“So, how does this work?” My role as a coach is to be an independent partner, encourager, “pusher”, questioner, and listener to my clients. We agree to work together on an agenda together for a specified period of time. It is my role to keep us on track and moving forward so that you accomplish your goals.

Any insider secrets to share about the practice of coaching?

A lot of people call themselves coaches but they give advice vs. true coaching. Coaching involves being curious and asking questions to enable the client to come to their own discoveries and answers. Look for coaches who have studied and received their certification from ICF. (I’m in the process of certification – taken the courses and am working on the coaching hours component).

There are coaches with different niches so if you are looking for one be sure to find a coach who has experience with your specific needs or demographic.

The fit between a coach and client is key to an effective working relationship so be sure you enjoy his/her company as well as getting work accomplished.

Speak to a recent client interaction and what made you proud of her?

I coached a strong and capable working mom who had been working towards a job change in a new line of work. In 6 weeks she was able to explore her options, apply for roles, get a job offer and accept a new job.

Is there continuing education required for coaches?

Yes, there are requirements for continuing education in order to maintain an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification.

What are some of the latest developments in the field of coaching?

Organizations and individuals are realizing the advantage that coaching can provide a strong or high-performing employee.

If someone were interested in getting into the coaching profession, what advice would you have?

Take the time to get certified by the ICF by taking classes and getting in your coaching hours. The effort will pay off and will be a good test to see how serious you are about starting your own business.